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Mom and Her Super Heroes

Every night, Nathan's mom goes out onto our front deck where she spends a few minutes banging a pot with a wooden spoon. One day Nathan asked her what she was doing.

She explained that she goes out onto the deck at 7:00pm as millions of people around the world do to make noise to honour health care workers as their shifts end.

She told him that the health care workers being his mother's Super Heroes for all the hard work they are doing to help with Covid-19.

That sparked a conversation about many other people, like the people who work at grocery stores who also work hard to keep us fed.

Nathan and Keven thought it would be good to write a book that will not only help the children understand just how many people there are who are still working in order for us to need to stay at home to be able to survive. This book will also help many children who are suffering with anxiety issues from being isolated to cope with their new reality.

How is Mom and Her Super Heroes different?

This book is dramatically different from their other books.

1) This book is a FREE downloadable/printable PDF.

2) We have 2 versions of Mom and Her Super Hero. One Canadian version and one USA version.

3) This book has no illustrations. Instead, Katie and Sarah Shinkewski have drawn colouring book pages for 1/2 of the story pages. The remaining pages have a white box above the text where the children can do their won illustrations.

4) The last page of the story simply asks the question "Who is your Super Heroes?" We encourage the children to write a short paragraph about someone who they are grateful for during this time. There are lines on this page for the children to write their paragraphs and a box above for them to draw their illustration.

5) We are encouraging the parents to take a photo of their child(ren)'s favourite page and send it to us at We will then put it on our social media and on our website.

Why are there two versions?

We decided to do a Canadian version of Mom and Her Super Heroes and an American version. We would like to help as many people as possible. There are more than 8 million people in Canada and 37 million people in the USA who are food deprived every day. And that is before Covid-19. We thought that, even though it is a FREE download, we would like to encourage those who like the book and are in the financial position to help to contribute to either Food Banks Canada or Feeding America.

Click the image below to Download Your Copy Now